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Founded in 1988, BES aims to improve the production of high-concentration ozone water. Ozone as safe and alternative to chemical disinfectants or thermal disinfection.

Early products were mainly used in small-scale corona discharge ozone generators in the home, and after years of efforts, it was still impossible to break through the stable generation of ozone gas in a high humidity environment.

The main problems encountered at the time were durability (low air quality, humidity, low oxygen), safety (high voltage) and possible harmful by-products (NOx).

We have deep understanding about the benefits of ozone applications and the difficulty and limitations of ozone products, so our R&D team has set clear goals and is expected to develop an ozone generator that is immune to air,energy efficient and efficient product.

Since 1996, BES has started a huge technological innovation and developed the patented membrane electrode electrolytic ozone generator iEOG, which has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the electrolysis of ozone from water.

This technology can completely break through the traditional corona. The shortcomings of the ozone generator, the purity of ozone gas is as high as 28wt%; this is the highest gas purity in the ozone industry, and the specific gravity is also the most difficult to break through in many small and medium-sized ozone water applications.

We have obtained more than 50 invention patents and countless application patents in the world.

iEOG Electrolytic Ozone Generator Principle

Pure water enters electrolysis.

Decompose into hydrogen and oxygen atoms after electrolysis.
Oxygen atoms are produced at the anode, Hydrogen atoms are generated at the cathode and discharged.
Oxygen atoms recombine into

ozone (28%), oxygen (72%)

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Biolux Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd

In the wake of growing health consciousness, BiOLUX Asia aims to provide a 1-stop Hydrogen experience, using BiOLUX products. Open to all consumers, this experience centre will provide Hydrogen Inhaling Treatment, Hydrogen Water for drinking, Ozone Water for sanitation and Hydrogen Spa.

BiOLUX is a division of Biotek Environmental Science Ltd. (BES). BiOLUX Asia was incorporated in 2018 as BiOLUX Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd, and it has the exclusive rights to the marketing and distribution of the complete range of BiOLUX products in Malaysia. 

BiOLUX Asia is the only brand that carries a 3-IN-ONE Ozone and Hydrogen generator machine in Malaysia. We are one of the few international companies with our own state-of-the-art-manufacturing facility. All components are strictly tested in order to ensure their quality, high performance, safety, and reliability, to deliver health benefits to our users

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