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Hydrogen is the chemical element with the symbol H and is the smallest and the lightest element in the periodic table; it exists naturally as a molecule.

Molecular hydrogen (Hydrogen Gas, H2) is a tasteless, odourless, flammable gas.

For therapeutic benefit, we specifically need the H2 molecule (H2 gas). H2 reduces oxidative stress, provides anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-apoptotic protective effects

Combination of mitochondria, oxygen, and sugar convets into energy that human rely on to survive. However, reactive oxygen, also known as free radicals, will be produced while energy conversion occurs. Some of them benefit physological and immune system, while some damage cells and genes, triggering aging and disease.

In other words, process of energy generation in human body causes oxidation, synonym of aging. Excessive oxidation can be dangerous, which reveals the fact that intaking antioxidants against free radicals that continuously sabotage human cells and DNA is quite important. Poor lifestyle, such as gluttony, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, inadequate sleep, high pressure is the cause of generation of harmful free radicals.


Generally speaking, the maximum saturation point of Hydrogen Gas in water is 1,600ppb.
By inhaling hydrogen is a practical way to intake more Hydrogen into our body when is necessary. 

Biolux products are able to generate pure hydrogen gas at 99.999%. Is safe and no side effect ( under FDA GRAS certificate)

Generally there is no limitation, but is recommended to take 2000cc of water a day to meet daily water intake requirement and to acquire sufficient hydrogen molecules to neutralize harmful free radicals.

According to the experience of Biolux, it is recommended to use for at least an hour a day to achieve the best effectiveness. You may inhale more times in a day if necessary, no overdose issue. 

By simply acquiring reducing agents to neutralize harmful free radicals in our body.

We are proudly to tell everyone: “BHS” Biolux gained third-party certification from Japan hydrogen water promotion association with water hydrogen level of up to 1299ppb. 

Biolux applies a different technology that generates hydrogen molecules and dissolves via our patented dissolving tank, discharge pH neutral Hydrogen Water

This does not change water pH and maintains its neutrality, to provide the most optimal water quality to us. 

Hydrogen water is certified by U.S. FDA to be generally recognized as safe (GRAS), it is safe and free from harmful side effects. Everyone can take hydrogen water – filtered water dissolved with hydrogen.

Hydrogen water has multiplied effect include providing hydration, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and etc.

Electrolyzed water is a kind of alkaline water with hydrogen ions removed, leaving more hydroxide ions (OH-) in water, and making it alkaline.

Some claimed that alkaline electrolyzed water is beneficial but those claims lack of medical evidence.

We are assure that alkaline electrolyzed water is to “supply calcium and magnesium ions” and “reduce stomach acid” (proven by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), but not “neutralize the acidic body”.

In fact, stomach acid is so acidic that you can’t turn the body into alkaline
with just by drinking alkaline water.

Hydrogen has now been demonstrated to have therapeutic effects in over 170 different human and animal disease models, and in essentially every organ of the human body. The main reason for this is because H2 helps attenuate excessive oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which are at the root of virtually every disease and pathology

Oxidation, aging, inflammation and allergy form a cascade: Excessive oxidation leads to inflammation and the subsequent cell death. This destabilises metabolism can lead to diseases. 

Hydrogen gas administered via inhalation or drinking hydrogen water can attenuate markers of oxidative stress and improve antioxidant status.

“Suiso” water is a Japanese term for hydrogen water or hydrogen-rich water.

Consuming hydrogen water is same as inhaling hydrogen gas: intake dissolved hydrogen by consuming hydrogen water,
while inhalation takes hydrogen directly into lung.

After entering your body, the hydrogen molecules (H2) pass through cellular structure to react with the harmful free radicals (·OH) in body thus form into water (H2 + ·OH = H2O + H·) and eliminated from body.

Among the anti-oxidation agents, hydrogen water is the most convenient supplement as everyone has to drink water in daily , besides it provides hydration and anti-oxidants at the same time.

For some people who require more anti-oxidants, hydrogen inhalation is a more efficient way.

Take Biolux as example, one minute of hydrogen inhalation is equivalent to 3,000cc hydrogen water.

Direct inhalation is more efficiency, while hydrogen water is more convenient and provides hydration.

Many providers or institutions provide false or over-simplified titrimetric data of hydrogen richness, which is associated with enormous error.

Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association announced a clarification indicating that the reasonable hydrogen richness is to be determined by electronic membrane shock method and the hydrogen molecules saturate in water of room temperature and pressure at 1.6ppm.

Biolux produces extremely pure hydrogen gas of >99.995% purity.

Hydrogen gas is flammable but it does not explode so easily.

The generator in Biolux has been tested and considered very safe by institutions in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

To reach the explosive limit, first of all, we have to operate Biolux in a closed, one-cubic-meter space for consecutive 13 hours, and we believe that no one has a well-closed home or kitchen.

You will never in a space smaller than one cubic meter, and this is why we are granted with world-class safety certification.

To ensure your safety, you should keep away from heat when you use this device.

Since 2007, more than 800 international researches about hydrogen molecule medicine have been published to date.

Related studies proved that hydrogen is associated with promising improvement of more than sixty common diseases including cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, neoplasm, chronic respiratory system disease, cerebrospinal trauma, senile dementia, diabetes, kidney diseases through addressing pathological processes including reduction of oxidative and inflammatory damages as well as apoptotic pathway.

The Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University conducted a research on 68 subjects and the effects were significant.

Hydrogen is currently not a medication but is not associated with safety concern and does not cause burden on human body.

It does not require a prescription.

Scientists and research institutes are taking the initiative in exploring hydrogen molecule medicine.

Current researches are focused on the biological reduction of hydrogen molecule, while hydride ion is not yet proven by science research.

Using the term hydrogen molecule is more accurate.

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule and can easily pass through any material and be released into air.

Most water-contacting package materials are unable to preserve hydrogen.

For typical packaged water, the primary challenge is keeping hydrogen richness.

What’s more, all known packaged hydrogen water is prepared by pressurization or resealing in package, suggesting that the hydrogen water stability is very low.

As you open the bottle, hydrogen molecules are released into air – just like soft drinks.

Most packaged hydrogen water provide hydrogen richness “at pressurized filling”, the remaining hydrogen after opening package tends
to be less than half
of the labeled data.

Our United Kingdom partner Aquaozone introduced “BHS” Biolux into MK Don, the runners-up of U.K.
Premier League. Even soccer stars take the hydrogen water of “BHS” Biolux.

The hydrogen water of “BHS” Biolux is one of the most stable in the industry.

It is produced with U.S. Dupont membrane electrode proton exchange technology and unique fogging and spraying to achieve high stability, saturation, and richness.

In the tests with different containers, the hydrogen water from Biolux contains more than 1.1ppm hydrogen when kept in containers with lid such as glass bottle and thermos (fresh hydrogen water of “Biolux” contains up to 1.299ppm hydrogen as tested by Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association) after 24 hours.

The hydrogen richness is 0.65ppm or higher after 6 hours even when kept in PET bottles, which are lower in density.

How about “without lid”? There is no need to hoax.

We recommend you to watch this 3-minute time-lapse video of the 90-minute experiment to understand the power of hydrogen-rich water.

The hydrogen-rich water of “Biolux” does not change water pH, and hydrogen molecules do not react with medications or foods.

You can take it before or after meals or with medications. There is no side effect.

Vitamins act as anti-oxidants by reducing free radicals with hydrogen.

Hydrogen gas is a natural hydrogen source in its element form that does not cause burden on human body and is capable of entering cells directly
to achieve anti-oxidation.

Excessive hydrogen element can be eliminated from the body through respiration or secretion and does not cause physiological burden.

It also helps to satisfy the antioxidant needs arising
from insufficient vegetable and fruit intake.

While most vitamins are safe, some may accumulate when overdose, for example, lipid-soluble vitamins, and cause burden on human body.

Many believe that artificial vitamin C preparations can make up for the shortage from inadequate vegetable and fruit intake; however, vitamin C in natural plant is different
from those synthesized artificially.

Chemically synthesized vitamins are isomers of natural ones: They have molecular structure similar to natural ones but is poorer in biological activity and bioavailability.

In addition, many (such as vitamin E) tend to accumulate and become toxic or raise safety concerns.

Specifically, natural vitamin preparations are made from soybean extracts, while chemical vitamin E is synthesized from petrochemical by-products.

Some natural, vitamin-containing foods including fruits, vegetables, and natural vitamin extracts do not cause negative effects on human body, but are beneficial for overall tissue health.

Chemically synthesized vitamins share the general trait of chemical drugs:
drug-induced toxicity.

Russian scientists found that long-term oral use of chemically synthesized vitamins can trigger neoplasm and result in fatality.

They conducted investigations on seventeen thousand patients of esophageal, gastric, colon, pancreatic and liver cancer and found that the intake of chemically synthesized carotene, vitamin A, C, and E as well as selenium does not improve but worsens patient condition.

Other reports indicate that the mortality rate of the patients received chemically synthesized vitamins is 30+% higher than those without taking such vitamins.

Magnesium rods are fabricated with magnesium powder. We learned in primary school that adding magnesium element into water generates hydrogen gas.

This method was abandoned in Japan years ago as magnesium ions are released into water. Taking this water containing excessive magnesium ions is a burden on kidneys and your health. Moreover, the hydrogen gas generated through this method is difficult to dissolve in water, making it ineffective.

The hydrogen gas for Biolux generates hydrogen gas via indirect electrolysis, which completely separates hydrogen and oxygen and allows the dissolution of pure hydrogen in water.

Our hydrogen water is magnesium-free and unaltered pH, so it does not cause burden on your body.

As magnesium reacts with water and generates hydrogen, some manufacturers develop (food-grade) magnesium hydrogen water generator.

This is the “magnesium rod method” that does not require electricity.

However, hydrogen molecules generated from magnesium reaction with water is unstable, and excessive magnesium ion
in water can cause enormous burden on kidneys.

This method has been banned globally years ago.

The shelf life of hydrogen water can vary greatly: Like carbon dioxide in soft drinks, hydrogen water contains dissolved hydrogen that cannot endure agitation.

As violent shaking can liberate the gas dissolved in water, it is better to fill up your container to avoid gas chambers allowing hydrogen water agitation.

Also, hydrogen molecules are small enough to pass through typical plastic containers, the container should be carefully selected.

Hydrogen in the hydrogen water stored with plastic containers may release into atmosphere in about 24 hours.

By filling up a stainless steel container with fresh hydrogen water of Biolux, the hydrogen richness is still high (up to 1.1ppm) after 24 hours.

Sure. The hydrogen water of Biolux is clean,
filtered water good for cooking.

Hydrogen molecules are released from water when boiled
but it is safe for cooking.

Zhong Nanshan, is a professor and phD tutor of Guangzhou institute of Respiratory Diseases, Guangzhou Medical University.

In 1996, he was selected as member of The Chinese Academy of Engineering.

He is currently the president of the Chinese Medical Assosation, the president of Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology and the director of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases.

During his interview, he said “The study of hydrogen molecules is an emerging field with strong anti-oxidation effects.

Many tumors are chronic inflammatory processes.

Antioxidation has always been a hot topic. In general, it is not very successful.

Hydrogen molecule is a new tool for anti-oxidation. I am looking forward to it.

Hydrogen molecules are mainly for chronic diseases.

The most basic one is the strengthening effect of anti-oxidative stress.

It is not a simple repairing effect, which is conducive to matrix recovery.

The concept is treatment to the cause instead of the illness. For example, oncology is an oxidative stress enhancement, when oxidative stress is removed, so tumors are difficult to grow”.

Sun Xuejun, is a professpr of Second Military Medical University, who has been engaged in various types of gas biological effects and diving medical research for a long time.

He is currently a visiting professor of School of Medicine Loma Linda University, vice editor of Medical Gas res Magazine, editoriol team of Journal of Trauma & Treatment, editor & deputy director of Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine, deputy director of the Shanghai Hyperbaric Medicine Committee, member of Standing Committee of the Marine Medical Professional Committee of the Military Medical Science and Technology Committee and the Deputy Director of the Military High Pressure Medical Professional Committee.

Professor Sun Xuejun has been involved in the study of gas biological effects and has a certain reputation among international peers.

In February 2010, he was invited by the famous scholar of international hydrogen medical research and professor of the Institute of Geriatrics of Japan Medical University, Professor Ohta, and attended the Japan Hydrogen Medical Academic Annual Meeting as the only guest speaker of the special conference.

Dr. Shigeo Ohta, is a chief proffeor of the institute of Development and Aging Sciences.

From more than 30 years of research, he found that the function of mitochondria is closely related to people’s physical and mental health. He is well-known scientist and chairman of The Mitochondrial Physiology Society, chairman of Japan Cell Death Society, and the chairman of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedical Research Association.

In the field of hydrogen biological effects, Professor Ota published the first research on a small amount of hydrogen treatment disease in the internationally renowned medical journal “Natural Medicine” in July 2007, and proposed a new concept of hydrogen selective oxidation, which initiated hydrogen treatment.

The international research boom of diseases. Since the publication of this article, it has attracted great attention from the international academic community.

Many scholars from Japan, China and the United States have conducted extensive research on the evaluation of the treatment effects of various diseases such as breathing hydrogen, drinking hydrogen water and injecting hydrogen saline.

Animal experiments have been used to demonstrate that hydrogen has therapeutic effects on more than 80 important diseases.

Professor Ohta is the founder of hydrogen biology.

He not only proposed the selective antioxidant theory of hydrogen treatment of diseases, but also proved that hydrogen has been treated internationally for cerebral ischemia, liver ischemia, myocardial ischemia, obesity and Parkinson’s disease.

Actively cooperate with enterprises to develop hydrogen water and othr related products, and establish the world’s first hydrogen medical research center specializing in hydrogen biological effects under the auspices of the company, and he is enthusiastic to help and guide young scholars to carry out hydrogen biology research.

It also actively develops related hydrogen-related products, vigorously promotes research on clinical conversion medicine of hydrogen in Japan, and writes many books on health-related genealogy, which has played an irreplaceable role in the development of hydrogen biomedicine in Japan and internationally.

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