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Ozone can dissolve in water but some may be released into atmosphere, and this release is called aeration. According to U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), high ozone level in the air can cause respiratory sensitivity
and coughing.
These are relieved when you leave for a well-ventilated place,
and there is no risk of intoxication.

Biolux satisfies United States and Japanese safety off-gas standards on ozone use.

The mean level is less than 0.3ppm in 15 minutes of consecutive use.
The mean level is less than 0.1ppm in 8 hours of intermittent use.

You can feel at easefor using Biolux.

Ozonated water is primarily used for disinfection and sterilization, and is not recommended as drinking water.

When ozonated water enters the oral cavity, ozone reacts with the bacteria and is reduced to oxygen, malodor is also addressed during this process.


Ozone is the “activated oxygen” and ozonated water is prepared by
dissolving ozone into water.

Gas is difficult to control as its movement is largely random and difficult to control.

By using water as a medium, we can utilize ozone more effectively and safely.

Absolutely. Ozonated water removes bacteria on skin and disintegrates the dead cells on stratum corneum to give you clean skin.

Rub and wash hands with typical soap provides hand cleanliness and removal of certain bacteria.

Five or more minutes of rinsing is required to achieve 90+% bacterial kill.

Ozonated water contains 6.0ppm ozone, which kills 99.99% bacteria within 5 seconds (3000 times as effective when compared to chlorine).

It is safe and highly efficient.

Ozonated water can be used for disinfection and sterilization
without chemical residues.

It will definitely be a good partner for cleaning food materials.

When ozonated water is used for cooking, the reduction of ozone to oxygen is accelerated with heat and does not cause safety concerns.

We recommend the method introduced by Consumers’ Foundation but better effectiveness can be achieved with ozonated water:

1. Handling/rinsing/brushing: Remove and discard remaining stem, root and shoot, and clean soil, sand and insect eggs with tap water.

2. Immersion: Immerse in ozonated water for 10~15 minutes and replace the (ozonated) water for 2~3 times Volume required for immersing vegetables: Six liters of water for each catty of vegetable (Six liters can be acquired in two minutes).

3. Rinse again with ozonated water right before cooking.

1. The Consumers Council recommends dish washing methods:

(1) Remove the rhizome by hand or a kitchen knife.

(2) Rinse the roots with tap water to remove sediment.

(3) Soak in tap water.

(4) Wash with drinking water before cooking. After washing, soak it in tap water for 10 to 15 minutes, then soak it in water for two to three times.

After washing with drinking water before cooking,
it is possible to avoid residual pesticides.

2. Reports of the Consumers Council:

Cleaning methods for all kinds of fruits and vegetables:

Vegetables can be washed first, then stripped or cut off parts that are easy to contaminate pesticides (can be peeled off from cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, etc.; can be removed from the green pepper Partial; cut off leafy cabbage, Qingjiang, Artemisia, rape, etc. close to the stem part of the root), and then carefully rinse with water.

When washing the leafy vegetables with water, separate the pieces and soak them in clean water (avoid salt, fruit and vegetable detergent, baking soda, etc.), soak them for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse them with water.

For some fruits and fruits, the soaking time can be extended to more than ten minutes, but it does not have to be too long.

Because of soaking for too long, nutrients and flavors may be lost. Fruit and fruit vegetables (especially fruits and vegetables with uneven surfaces such as cucumbers and bitter gourds) can be gently washed with a soft brush while dipping.

When thunderstorm, the oxygen in the air will be electrolyzed into ozone due to high voltage; oxygen will be due to the sun in the ultraviolet radiation and decomposition of the ozone molecules.

This is why after the thunderstorm we will smell the fresh grass incense, and in the outdoor clothes smell the sun on the clothes taste, in fact,
these are the taste of ozone.

In Japanese medical facilities, hand washing and disinfection require at least 4.0ppm, and commercially available application for vegetables in Western countries (Europe and United States) requires at least 2.0ppm.

Based on experience worldwide, the ozone level in water for object and food disinfection is 1/10-1/50 of chlorine.

Chlorine-based disinfectant contains 50-250ppm, while the standard ozone level is mostly 1-5ppm.

Best Health Science International, a member of BES Group, has made the products visible in global market of commercial and medical purposes.

Tens of thousand become more protected because of our advanced technology.

Our customers include state banquet, international stars, U.K. premier league football club, international airline, international five-star hotel, international catering businesses and medical facility around the world. We apply stringent standards on product quality so that businesses provide quality service with our product.

The independent distributors Best Health Science International | (Biolux) aim to spread the advanced health technology to every household to
improve your and your family’s wellness.

According to J.L. Chung, nutritionist of Taiwan Mackay Memorial Hospital, “Using concentrated, hypertonic salty water in vegetable and fruit cleaning can lead to sodium ion residue.”

Besides vegetable cleaning, salty water is also used in handling apple and other iron-rich vegetables and fruits that are prone to color change. Taking “sweet” vegetables and fruits that may contain excessive sodium ion by soaking in salty water can make hypertension and kidney disease control much more difficult.

Bleach kills bacteria with chlorine’s oxidative activity, but nearly everyone knows the downside of chlorine residues.

Ozone in ozonated water is reduced to oxygen without residues after the process, it is the natural and environmentally friendly disinfectant.

Activated oxygen is ozone, which is natural oxygen added with an active oxygen atom.

It is highly active with its high oxidative ability and is a natural disinfectant.

After the oxidation reaction it is reduced to oxygen and leaves no harmful residues.

In several countries, tap water is disinfected with ozone, suggesting that ozone is harmless to human body when adequately controlled.

Every activated oxygen-based product is said to be featured with disinfecting function, but how to select the best one?

Ozone richness in water is the key to fast and effective disinfection and sterilization!

Biolux is capable of generating 6.0ppm ozonated water immediately to ensure 99.99+% disinfection effectiveness.

Conventional technology generates ozone from air, leading to low concentration and the formation of harmful nitrogen oxides.

Biolux applies the state-of-the-art iEOG technology to generate ozone from water without nitrogen oxides as by-products.

When purchasing ozone products, it is required to pay attention to the richness of ozone produced, aeration safety, and the risk of nitrogen oxide formation.

They may achieve significant ozone generation but
it’s richness in water is relatively low.

Typical ozone water has poor richness and requires 10 or more minutes to complete disinfection and pesticide degradation, while “BES” ozonated water takes only 5 seconds to reach 99.99% disinfection effectiveness.

Biolux applies state-of-the-art iEOG technology to generate ozone with water.

The device is fabricated with anti-oxidating materials and is good for 10 years or longer when adequately maintained and has consumables routinely replaced.

The sensitivity to ozone varies with individual. According to U.S. OSHA, ozone can trigger respiratory sensitivity when it reaches a certain degree.

By simply leaving the room and maintaining good ventilation,
there is no concern of intoxication.

Biolux satisfies United States and Japanese safety aeration standards on ozone use.

The mean level is less than 0.3ppm in 15 minutes of consecutive use.

The mean level is less than 0.1ppm in 8 hours of intermittent use.

You can feel at ease for using Biolux.

The bacteriostatic effect of acidic water comes from the chemical reactions
of acids on bacteria.

This can kill some bacteria but the molecules that result from such processes become residue on food materials and dining utensils, and may affect food texture.

Biolux’s ozonated water kills bacteria with ozone’s oxidative activity, where ozone is reduced to oxygen without residues.

It is 100% safe.

Alcohol cannot achieve 100% bacteria kill as it is diluted for use.

Alcohol as hand sanitizer in public areas may gradually lose activity and become unavailable to provide expected bacteriocidal effect.

Genuine organic groceries may be free from pesticide residues, but cross contamination leading to bacterial dissemination can happen during packaging, transportation and/or storage.

This is a major concern for those consuming raw vegetables or the juice of organic vegetables and fruits.

Rinsing with Biolux ensures surface disinfection. Biolux is also certified by U.K.

The Soil Association found no residue left following ozonated water rinsing and this satisfies the requirement of organic vegetables and fruits.

The ozonated water of “BHS” Biolux does not alter water pH,
nor does it turn water corrosive.

This water can be used for cleaning kitchen ware, baby goods and undergarments.

Ozonated water is only aimed for disinfection and sterilization, stain, and soil removal requires suitable detergents.

Conventional source of activated oxygen is the oxygen from the atmosphere.

However, the atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen and less than 1% oxygen, this generates ozone very inefficiently with harmful nitrogen oxides as by-products. Unfortunately, this limitation of conventional generation method is inevitable.

Biolux applies iEOG for indirect water electrolysis along with U.S. Dupont’s proton exchange to produce pure ozone and ozonated water of up to 6.0ppm.

This method does not generate nitrogen oxides and is the safest activated oxygen technology in the world is the leading brand in Japan and is certified by U.K.

The Soil Association to be suitable for rinsing organic vegetables and fruits.

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