BES Group | Factory Qualification

BES products are in line with international safety certification.

We are also the founding member and drafting organisation for many international industry standards.

For security-wise, we have national and international authoritative third-party authoritative data reports and regulatory approvals.

We strictly abide by the quality management requirements of the production process.


ISO 9001 | Quality Management System Certification

Obtaining ISO9001 certification means BES Group have built a complete quality management system in management, practical work, relationahip between supplier & distributor and products, market and after-sales service.

We renewed the certification in June 2016 according to
the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our quality management system was created in 2000 with high efficiency and the requirements of the new standard can be achieved immediately.

Customer satisfaction is the basis of the specification. All actions and regulations that governing quality certification are relevant.

ISO 9001 Certificate

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