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Difference Between Hydrogen & Hydrogen Water
Hydrogen is a stable gas that has been used in divers’ equipment for more than 50 years and proves that hydrogen has no side effects on the human body.
In 2007, Japanese scholars pointed out that breathing 2% of hydrogen or drinking saturated hydrogen water can selectively neutralize hydroxyl radicals.

Hydrogen water is water in dissolved hydrogen molecules. It can be supplemented with hydrogen through daily drinking water.
According to the definition of hydrogen health product group standard published by Hydrogen Medical Health Industry Branch,Click Here,the concentration of hydrogen water must exceed 0.6ppm. More than 600ppb) is hydrogen water, and according to Japanese water, water (called hydrogen in Japan), water with a pH of 6.8 – 9.0 is hydrogen water, and both peracid and over-base water are not suitable for human consumption.

Importance of Hydrogen Purity
The amount of gas that can be dissolved per unit of water molecules is limited, so the purer, less impurity source of hydrogen gas will determine the concentration of hydrogen water after dissolution.
If the source of hydrogen gas is not pure, other gases will be Also dissolved in water.

The purity of hydrogen gas generated by BES Group EHG is as high as 99.999%.
In addition to pure hydrogen, hydrogen water will not contain other substances, and the hydrogen concentration is extremely high, up to 1,300 ppb.

Reasonable Concentration Upper Limit 1600ppb

More Than 99.999% High Purity Hydrogen
According to the third-party public credit unit, the purity of hydrogen is as high as 99.999%, which is much higher than the average of 70% in the industry.
BES Group High Purity Hydrogen > 99.999%
Approaching 100% Purity 99.999%

EHG Integrates Microbubble Micro Bubbles Technology

EHG’s unique structure can purify hydrogen groups.
1,300 ppb or More of High Concentration Hydrogen Water
BES Group hydrogen water concentration is as high as 1,300 ppb, and with the patented dissolution technology, it overcomes the problem that it is difficult to stably dissolve hydrogen in water on the market, and produces highly saturated hydrogen water.
BES Group High Concentration Hydrogen Water

Reasonable Concentration Upper Limit 1600ppb

600 - 800 ppb

Reasonable Concentration Upper Limit 1600ppb

Hydrogen is independent and more soluble in water.
Stable Dissolution, Long-Term Preservation
Through the patented atomized spray and microbubble technology, pure hydrogen is stably dissolved in drinking water to form saturated hydrogen-rich water. It is difficult to reduce the concentration of hydrogen-rich water by standing or shaking.

Measured Film

Excellent Reducing Power, No Change in Water Quality and Alkali
BES group hydrogen water stably dissolves high-purity hydrogen in drinking water, and the hydrogen-rich water has a reducing power of more than -550mv.

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