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Harmful free radicals, the key factors to cause aging and various type of chronic diseases, are produced while people breathe. Therefore, people can intake natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E to avoid excessive free radicals growth.

Molecular hydrogen have been proven to be the smallest and fastest antioxidants. Its reducing power are 100 times stronger than lemons.

BES Group develops a series of health home appliance for consumers who want to pursue better health naturally and seek all-time protection from high concentration hydrogen water and high purity hydrogen gas.


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Biolux Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd

In the wake of growing health consciousness, BiOLUX Asia aims to provide a 1-stop Hydrogen experience, using BiOLUX products. Open to all consumers, this experience centre will provide Hydrogen Inhaling Treatment, Hydrogen Water for drinking, Ozone Water for sanitation and Hydrogen Spa.

BiOLUX is a division of Biotek Environmental Science Ltd. (BES). BiOLUX Asia was incorporated in 2018 as BiOLUX Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd, and it has the exclusive rights to the marketing and distribution of the complete range of BiOLUX products in Malaysia. 

BiOLUX Asia is the only brand that carries a 3-IN-ONE Ozone and Hydrogen generator machine in Malaysia. We are one of the few international companies with our own state-of-the-art-manufacturing facility. All components are strictly tested in order to ensure their quality, high performance, safety, and reliability, to deliver health benefits to our users

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