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Hydrogen & Ozone System
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Three Major Functions at Your Fingertips

Ozone Water
Personal Hygiene and Food Safety Protection

Sterilization, degrade pesticides

Biolux High Concentration Ozone Water
Instantly Produce High Concentration up to 4.0ppm
↑Other Can Only Produce 0.5 – 0.8 ppm on Average
Hydrogen Gas (Molecular Hydrogen)
Anti-inflamation, Anti-aging

Health improvement, neutralize hydroxyl free radicals

Biolux High Purity Hydrogen
Approaching 100% Purity
Hydrogen Water
Neutralize Hydroxyl Free Radicals

Health Improvement, keep young, reduce inflamation

Biolux High Concentration Hydrogen Water 1,300ppb
Reasonable Concentration Upper Limit 1600ppb
Other 600 - 800 ppb
↑Reasonable Concentration Upper Limit 1600ppb

Ozone Water Automated Line Disinfection

The internal pipeline will automatically sterilized every 8 hours, and the water quality problem is more assured!

Fashion Design,
Classic Gentle

Kim Scoot, New Zealand’s well-known industrial designer .

Hydrogen Water is Stable & Soluble, not Afraid of Shaking, but also Can be Added to hot Water for Temperature Adjustment.

Patented dissolving technology, stable hydrogen water will not lose concentration due to vibration or shaking, and it is easy to carry and store when going out and exercising.

High Concentration
Any Place Anytime

Stable and fast / Enjoy it at anytime
/ No one likes to wait.

US DuPont Proton
Exchange Technology

The most secure technology, the highest specification in the industry.

Meets the Best Neutral
pH Value of Water

Optimal human health and drinking needs.

Precision Intelligent Detection

Microcomputer detection system to maintain optimal performance.

Safe & Reliable

After filtering the tap water layer, the hydrogen and oxygen generators are used to generate pure hydrogen and ozone,
and then dissolved into drinking water.
No direct contact with drinking water, no metal residues, retained raw water minerals (neutral water).

Learn More Applications

Hydrogen Application

It is antioxidant with a very small molecular weight. It is easier to absorb compared to other beauty and health care products, that made it the best secret to
stay away from aging.

Ozone Application

We can safely live on the earth because of
the protection of ozone.
Ozone can quickly kill bacteria and organic matter, and it can degrade pesticides.
There is no chemical residue after use.

Product Specifications

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Portable Hydrogen Pot

EOS7150 Series

Faucet Ozone System

EOS7177 Series

Multipurpose Ozone Bottle


Design & Manufacturing

Health Home Appliance
in New Generation

Safety Approval & Total Quality Management

Biolux Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd

In the wake of growing health consciousness, BiOLUX Asia aims to provide a 1-stop Hydrogen experience, using BiOLUX products. Open to all consumers, this experience centre will provide Hydrogen Inhaling Treatment, Hydrogen Water for drinking, Ozone Water for sanitation and Hydrogen Spa.

BiOLUX is a division of Biotek Environmental Science Ltd. (BES). BiOLUX Asia was incorporated in 2018 as BiOLUX Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd, and it has the exclusive rights to the marketing and distribution of the complete range of BiOLUX products in Malaysia. 

BiOLUX Asia is the only brand that carries a 3-IN-ONE Ozone and Hydrogen generator machine in Malaysia. We are one of the few international companies with our own state-of-the-art-manufacturing facility. All components are strictly tested in order to ensure their quality, high performance, safety, and reliability, to deliver health benefits to our users

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