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Difference Between Ozone Gas & Ozone Water
Ozone gas is a natural oxidant (bactericide), but the gas has no directionality and cannot sterilize the surface of the object.
If water is used as a medium and the ozone gas is efficiently dissolved in water, the directionality of the ozone gas can be achieved. Instead of many chemicals, the surface of the object is disinfected.
According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) regulations in the United States: the average ozone concentration exposed for 8 consecutive hours in the working environment should not be higher than 0.1 ppm to prevent respiratory tract sensitivity and cough, so it is necessary to control the air in the application of ozone gas.
Concentration and ventilation to maintain the environment, however, ozone gas has been used so far, there has never been a case of death due to ozone.

Importance of Ozone Gas Purity
The amount of gas that can be dissolved per unit of water molecules is limited.
Therefore, the purer and less impurity source of ozone gas will determine the concentration of ozone water after dissolution.
If the source of ozone gas is not pure, other gases will also be Dissolved in water.
The purity of ozone gas generated by Baxter iEOG is high, and ozone water does not contain other substances except ozone gas and oxygen.

The Benefits of High Purity Ozone
For example, in the carbonated beverage industry, since carbon dioxide needs to be driven into water by pressure, when it is necessary to dissolve more carbon dioxide, the purity of the gas in the water source is relatively important, and the more impurities, the relative influence of the efficiency of carbon dioxide dissolved into the carbonated beverage.

iEOG can produce high-purity ozone gas. Due to the limited gas per unit area of ​​water, the use of high-purity ozone gas (no nitrogen, less oxygen) can greatly increase the efficiency after mixing, because more effective ozone can be dissolved. In the water, in addition to the high concentration, the gas aeration is also small, achieving the advantages of safety and low post-treatment cost.

BES High Concentration, Low Aeration Ozone Water
BES has a number of patented dissolving technologies to dissolve ozone gas in water stably.
The aeration amount meets safety regulations and generates high concentration of dissolved ozone water. The dissolved high concentration ozone water can effectively replace chemical disinfectant for human body and environment.
More friendly.

BES Technology & Products – Safe Aeration that Exceeds International Standards Continuous use in 15 minutes, the average concentration in the air is less than 0.3 ppm. Intermittent use within 8 hours, the average concentration in the air is less than 0.1 ppm.

Inspection Report of Off-Gas for Ozonated Water - Academy of Military Medical Science

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