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What is Ozone Gas?
Ozone is a form of oxygen. As a strong oxidant, ozone is a type of natural sterilizer, which could effectively oxidize (decompose) organic matter. Unlike the usual chemical disinfectant, it neither causes any negative side effects, nor corrosive. In fact, ozone is an environmental friendly sterilizer that reforms into oxygen molecules after the sterilization process.

Ozone in the atmosphere is usually produced via utraviolet ray released by the Sun and through lightning strikes. This explains why we could always feel like there’s fresh air after thunderstorms, as ozone has been produced during the storm and has cleansed the air in the atmosphere.

Ozone is very useful for industries which requires high hygienic safety and sterilizing standards, such as food safety, commercial laundry, medical, water treatment industries and etc. Ozone is also listed as the approved sterilizer by the US Envinronmental Protection Agency (EPA), and has been utilized across the globe for more than a century. Many running water treatment in developed countries and most packaged drinking water utilize ozone to sterilize.

How is Ozone Formed?

High energy (from ultraviolet ray or lightning) splits oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms.

The free oxygen atom react and form weak bond with another oxygen molecule to create an ozone molecule.

How Does Ozone Gas Decomposes Organic Matter?

As ozone molecules react with organic molecules, the oxygen atom with the weak bond will be released, thus oxidising the organic matter.
Ozone molecule will reform into oxygen molecule (oxygen) after oxidising the organic matter.

Unlike the usual chemical sterilizer, ozone gas will not affect the resistance level of the pathogens.

Ultraviolet Light (UV Ozone Generator)

Raw Material: Air Filter; Consumable: UV Lamp
Using ultraviolet ray with certain wavelength (185mm) to radiate through the oxygen molecule, oxygen molecules will be broken and produce ozone molecules.
This type of ozone production are commonly used in cupboard disinfection process, and the ozone product by the UV method has not more than 3% purity.

Corona Discharge Method

Raw Material: Atmosphere Air or Pure Oxygen; Consumable: Air Desiccant, Air Filter,Oxygen Production Machine.
The principle of corona discharge method for producing ozone is to place a dielectric body parallel between two parallel high-voltage electrodes and maintain a certain discharge gap.
When high-voltage alternating current is applied between the two poles, a uniform blue-violet is formed in the discharge gap.
Corona discharge, when air passes through the discharge gap, oxygen molecules are excited by electrons to obtain energy, collide with each other, and polymerize into ozone.
The corona discharge method is currently the most common form of ozone generation, and the purity of ozone generated by the corona discharge method is up to 6%.
The corona method produces oxygen in the corona air (20%) while coronarating the nitrogen in the air (78%) and producing by-product nitrogen oxides (NOx), while corona discharge using pure oxygen.
The law does not produce nitrogen oxides.

Electrolytic Ozone Generation (EOG)

Raw material: Water;Consumable: Pure water
The principle of membrane electrode electrolysis to produce ozone is to use low-voltage direct current to conduct positive and negative two-pole pure water of solid-state membrane electrode.
Water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the form of proton exchange at a special anode interface, and hydrogen is directly from the cathode.
Emission, oxygen molecules are excited by electrons generated by high-density currents at the anode, and are polymerized into ozone.
The purity of ozone produced by electrolysis is about 20% or more.
The by-products of the production of ozone by electrolysis are oxygen and hydrogen, and no nitrogen oxides (NOx), and air humidity is not considered.

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