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OZONE Food Purifier
OZONE Food Purifier
OZONE Food Purifier
OZONE Food Purifier
OZONE Food Purifier

OZONE Food Purifier


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Best Device in Kitchen! Meal Preparation has been so easy and safe with BiOLUX OZONE Food Purifier (OFP).

Just place OFP in a water container and it will convert water into OZONE water for food purification.

Functions & Applications of OFP:

(1) Fruits and Vegetables

     Degrade 88% of pesticides & chemicals, kill bacteria & viruses and increase shelf life

(2) Meat and Seafood

     Degrade 94% hormones, fishy smell while retaining the natural taste

(3) Kitchen Tools

     Disinfect utensils, cutting boards etc to prevent cross-contamination

Certified by UK Soil Association

  • No chemical residue was found after washing with BiOLUX OZONE water, vegetables remain natural & organic
  • No change in taste & texture of the food

Use normal tap water or mineral water when using BiOLUX OFP and please avoid using Reversed Osmosis (RO) water as it will not generate OZONE water.

Whenever you are washing with BiOLUX OFP, please make sure your ingredient is fully immersed in the water. BiOLUX OFP can work efficiently with up to 6 litres of tap water.

There is no installation required for BiOLUX OFP as it is portable and you can also mount it on your wall. It is so convenient for you to bring along during travel as it is light and portable.

No, as our OZONE Water can:

1. degrade 88% pesticides & chemicals

2. degrade 94% hormones, and fishy smell while retaining the natural taste of meat and seafood, 

3. kill bacteria & viruses and prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables

4. disinfect utensils, cutting boards etc to prevent cross-contamination.


Just press again on the respective Mode that you wish to use.

Yes, it is safe to directly consume/cook after washing with BiOLUX OFP as there is no chemical use or harmful by-products (NOx gas) that will attach to your food.

It is not necessary for you to open a window because there is no harmful gas release when BiOLUX OFP is operating. You may stand near to the BiOLUX OFP when it is operating, as no harmful by-product is released and only oxygen gas is released to the surrounding. 

First of all, you need to categorize the groceries into vegetables/fruits and meat/poultry/seafood. Then, ensure the groceries are fully immersed into the water and click on the icon button based on the food category. If the quantity is large, you can increase the washing time by selecting ‘Timer’ mode and BiOLUX OFP can generate OZONE Water up to 30 mins per session. 

One time of washing is enough as the OZONE Water can work efficiently in just one time. But, if you would like to wash again for the second time, you may use the same water if the amount of residue is not that much and make sure to regenerate the BiOLUX OFP.

You cannot use the same water without generating the BiOLUX OFP for the next batch, it is because the water has been used to wash on the previous batch, it is now only left oxygen gas and water. So, it will not be able to degrade pesticides and hormones, kill bacteria, remove odour and etc. Therefore, you need to regenerate the BiOLUX OFP and advisable to use the same water if the amount of residue is minimal and the water is not milky or cloudy.

Yes, you may wipe it with a clean cloth or towel after disinfecting with BiOLUX OFP. Please avoid from wiping if the cloth or towel is not clean as it might be cross-contamination. You can just let it dry on its own as OZONE Water is high oxidation, so it will dry within a short period.

You may soak the utensils, chopping board, baby’s feeding bottle and toddler’s toys (any items that can soak into water) with OZONE water generated by BiOLUX OFP. However, you need to ensure those items are fully immersed into the water.

The OZONE is highly effective for disinfection and deodorization while the BiOLUX OFP is generating. The OZONE in the water will convert to oxygen after disinfection. Thus, the water will lost its disinfect ability after the disinfection. 

For surface disinfection, you may refer to the following products:

Multipurpose OZONE Bottle (MOB) https://www.biolux.asia/multipurpose-ozone-bottle-overview

Compact OZONE Spray (COS) https://www.biolux.asia/compact-ozone-spray-overview

Foam formation on the surface of water when cleaning food that is high in protein such as meat, poultry, fish or seafood. It is a reaction as the OZONE water is in contact with protein, fat and hormones.

The foam form is not dangerous for consumers, but if you feel that it is not clean enough after one time of cleaning, you may clean it for the second time with new fresh clean water.

Other OZONE machines only produce OZONE Water at concentration of 0.2-0.5ppm but BiOLUX OFP produces OZONE Water at concentration up to 2.5ppm.

BiOLUX OFP is programmed according to the type of food (fruits/ vegetables and meat/poultry/seafood) to ease the user for using, reduce time but still efficient in disinfecting, degrading pesticides and hormones, and removing odour.

BiOLUX’s  OZONE Generator (EOG) is a patented design, which will only break water molecules into HYDROGEN and Oxygen in order to form OZONE water. This will cause the OFP free from NOx gases that will harm the user.

BiOLUX OFP is portable and easy to carry wherever you go; whereas installation is needed for BiOLUX WSS.

BiOLUX OFP is specially designed for disinfection which needs to go through soaking method, whereas BiOLUX WSS is designed for washing through running water.

You can open the lid of the OZONE Generator and rinse it with tap water, and let it dry naturally. However, if you find out the surface is a bit oily (especially after washing meat, poultry, fish and seafood), you can wash with detergent (only on plastic surfaces), and rinse with water. But, it is advisable to annually wash the OZONE Generator with citric acid (100% food grade) to ensure the concentration of OZONE generated is at its best level.  

It does have a maintenance service; the OZONE Generator is required to be changed once it reaches 500 hours of usage.  Follow the steps below to check the current cumulative usage hours of the EOG:


Besides, if “E E E E” appears on the display screen, you may clean the OZONE Generator using Citric Acid Powder (provided along with the device) with warm water.  For more information, please refer to the User Manual Guide, pg 11.

OZONE Generator can use up to 500 generating hours.

1 year limited warranty

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