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Water Sanitation System
Water Sanitation System
Water Sanitation System
Water Sanitation System
Water Sanitation System
Water Sanitation System
Water Sanitation System
Water Sanitation System

Water Sanitation System


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Water Sanitation System converts tap water into OZONE water instantly, providing endless supply of chemical free disinfectant to keep you protected.

Functions of BiOLUX OZONE water:

- Kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses

- Degrades >90% pesticides in 1 minute

- Removes odours

Terminal Applications

Direct application of high concentration OZONE water

1. Kitchen

- Degrades pesticides
- Sanitizes and preserves food ingredients
- Sanitizes kitchen table surface, tools and utensils
- Removes kitchen odour

2. Bathroom and Toilet

- Removes odour and growth of mould
- Reduces water splash infection while flushing
- Avoids infection in between pipelines
- Use as mouthwash: reduce oral bacteria and maintain fresh breath
- Sanitizes personal hygiene products like toothbrush

3. Washing Machine

- Kills bacteria, mold, yeasts and viruses
- Removes odour of the clothes
- Avoids secondary pollution caused by growth of mould in the washing machine tank
- Reduces the accumulation of dirt in the washing tank

Whole-House Application

Prevent growth of biofilms

4. Waterline Disinfection

- Kills bacteria, mold, yeasts and viruses
- Prevent biofilm formation, clogging and water re-contamination
- Elevated risks of cross-contamination during disinfection intervals

Product Features:

- Personalize OZONE release schedule
- Set OZONE release duration
- Configuring OZONE concentration

Water Sanitation System requires installation. Our team will contact you for installation arrangement after you have made payment.

What is the difference between OZONE water and alcohol-based hand sanitizers?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is widely used as disinfectant by many people. However, it will evaporate quickly therefore may not remain on the surface long enough to kill bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, alcohol-based hand sanitizer can disturb the natural pH and barrier of the skin, leaving skin vulnerable to allergens which can penetrate beneath the surface and cause reddening, itching, blisters, swelling, peeling, and cracking.

OZONE is natural. It contains 0% alcohol and chemical. Therefore, it is safe and gentle to skin.

Is BiOLUX OZONE water toxic?

OZONE is a natural disinfectant that leaves no chemical residue after killing bacteria and viruses. It is not harmful to humans.

Conventional technology generates OZONE from air, leading to the formation of harmful nitrogen oxides.

BiOLUX applies the state-of-the-art iEOG technology to generate OZONE from water, it is without harmful nitrogen oxides as by-products. BiOLUX products complies with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. It is safe and non-toxic.

What is the concentration of OZONE water generated by Water Sanitation System?

OZONE concentration is 0.5ppm-2ppm.

Where can I install a Water Sanitation System?

For household, you may install it in the kitchen, bathroom/toilet, washing machine and waterline. For commercial, it is suitable for café, clinics, public toilets, mosques, schools, nursery centers etc.

For more information, kindly contact our hotline at 0126212222 and we will advise you according to your needs and requirements.

What can I wash with OZONE water in the kitchen?

According to third-party laboratory reports, OZONE water doesn’t cause skin irritation and corrode stainless steel surfaces, so it is very suitable for disinfecting kitchen utensils, kitchen knives, and hand hygiene.

In addition, OZONE water can also be used to remove odours on seafood, fish and meat. For fruits and vegetables, OZONE water can degrade the surface pesticides.

Can I use OZONE water to shower my pets?

Absolutely can, as OZONE water will not irritate the skin whereas it can reduce pet odours and help promote speedy recovery on wound or skin disease.

Does OZONE water affect the taste of food?

No, Water Sanitation System will not change the pH of the water source. If tap water is neutral water, Water Sanitation System produces neutral OZONE water, and it will be reduced to oxygen after sanitation. Therefore, it will not remain residues like chlorine disinfectant and affect the taste of food.

Alkaline ionic water machines can generate acidic water that inhibits bacteria, so which is safer compared to BiOLUX OZONE water?

The bacteriostatic effect of acidic water comes from the chemical reactions of acids on bacteria.

This can kill some bacteria but the molecules that result from such processes become residue on food materials and dining utensils that may affect food texture.

BiOLUX OZONE water reverts to oxygen after killing bacteria and viruses, it will not leave any chemical residue on the surface. It is 100% safe.

Do I need to wipe the surface after I disinfect using BiOLUX OZONE water?

If you want to wipe the surface after disinfecting, be sure to leave it for at least 20 seconds for OZONE water to react with bacteria and viruses then only wipe it.

It is not an issue if you do not wipe the surface after disinfecting, as OZONE reverts to oxygen after killing bacteria and viruses, it will not leave any chemical residue on the surface.

How can I use OZONE water to take care of my personal hygiene?

You can use OZONE water to wash your face, hand, hair scalp, feet and gargle your mouth. As it is without alcohol and chemicals, it is safe to be used on babies or elderly.

SGS Test Report has proven that by using BiOLUX OZONE water to gargle, it can reduce periodontal disease and tooth decay issue. (SGS Test report, Report No: PUB20B00133 & UG/2020/91400A-01).

Will the water flow be changed after installing Water Sanitation System?

No, the water flow will not be changed.

What are the maintenance services required for Water Sanitation System?

Why must I install a water filter before Water Sanitation System?

It is to ensure the quality of the incoming water so that OZONE generator of Water Sanitation System can function efficiently.

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