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Academy of Military Medical Sciences

The Academy of Military Medical Sciences is the Chinese highest military medical research institute.

It was established in 1951 and now it has medical intelligence, radiology, basic medicine, hygiene environmental medicine, microbial epidemiology, pharmacology and toxicology, Institute of Health Equipment, Bioengineering, Institute of Transfusion Medicine, and affiliated hospitals, laboratory equipment factories,
laboratory animal centers and other institutions.

BES products have been tested by the The Academy of Military Medical Sciences and meet a number of high-standard test data for safety and performance.

Off-Gas TestSkin Irritation TestOzone Content, pH, and Disinfection Efficacy Test


SGS Switzerland Global Verification (Société Générale de Surveillance)

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

With more than 85,000 employees, it operates a network of more than 1,800 offices and laboratories around the world. It is the largest and most credible third-party inspection organisation in Taiwan.

BES Group’s products have been tested by SGS for chlorine removal, pesticides, disinfection tests, and meet test data need for safety and performance.

Residual Chlorine Test & Pesticide TestDisinfection Test


Campden BRI

Founded in 1919, Campden BRI is a globally well-known research centre that provide scientific, technical and legislative support to the food, drink and allied industries.

Their actual sterilization tests are based on the most advanced food laboratory standards in the world and are tested in a polluted environment for 4 consecutive months.

Unlike other test report data collected under designed laboratory environment or from a non-food safety laboratory, BES Group’s products are certified by the UK’s only food safety disinfectant test.

Campden Field TestCampden Lab Test



ATS Labs had changed its company name to Accuratus Lab Services, which is a leading contract testing lab with over 50 years of quality and expertise in the medical device, pharmaceutical and antimicrobial industries in United States.

BES Group’s products are tested for ATS disinfection and
meet high performance test data.

ATS LAB Disinfection Test


TÜV Technical Inspection Association Certification

TÜV is a global leader and innovator of inspection and notary services and is recognized as a third-party testing body with the highest standards of
quality and integrity.

BES products are tested by TÜV sterilization and meet high performance test data.

TÜV Disinfection Test

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Biolux Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd

In the wake of growing health consciousness, BiOLUX Asia aims to provide a 1-stop Hydrogen experience, using BiOLUX products. Open to all consumers, this experience centre will provide Hydrogen Inhaling Treatment, Hydrogen Water for drinking, Ozone Water for sanitation and Hydrogen Spa.

BiOLUX is a division of Biotek Environmental Science Ltd. (BES). BiOLUX Asia was incorporated in 2018 as BiOLUX Network (Asia) Sdn Bhd, and it has the exclusive rights to the marketing and distribution of the complete range of BiOLUX products in Malaysia. 

BiOLUX Asia is the only brand that carries a 3-IN-ONE Ozone and Hydrogen generator machine in Malaysia. We are one of the few international companies with our own state-of-the-art-manufacturing facility. All components are strictly tested in order to ensure their quality, high performance, safety, and reliability, to deliver health benefits to our users

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