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user support has always been our driving force.
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General Manager
Work Pressure

Due to long-term work stress and abnormal diet, I suffered from repeated gastric ulcers.

Later when I was on a business trip to Japan, my friend suggested drinking [hydrogen-rich water] to resist inflammation, so I tried to install Biolux products at home after returning to Taiwan.

Six months later, my regular check showed that the previous inflammatory condition had improved significantly.

Mr. & Mrs Tan

We’ve had the Biolux Hydrogen Fountain for over 2 years now, using Ozone Water to disinfect water bottles, and as a mouthwash to kill bad bacteria during sore throats and cough. We drink plenty of Hydrogen Water daily to lower body inflammation,

Our father-in-law is a cancer patient and since drinking Hydrogen Water, we find that his appetite has increase and his overall condition has improved.

Office Worker
Pet Life

She grew up in Australia and settled in Taiwan after marriage.

Taiwan’s air humidity is high, and Didi’s nose is sensitive to dust, its trachea is weak that cause pant easily.
I recalled seeing Biolux products in pet hospitals in Australia, so now I use Biolux’s [Ozone Water] to clean my house every day.

Since it has no chemical residue, and also function well for sterilization, it even solve the pet’odors problem.

Eugene & Jurina
Couple from Klang

We have been drinking hydrogen water since 2017. We make sure our children wash their hands and rinse with ozone water before shower (especially when back from school).  Besides, they will use ozone water to gargle when having sore throat or mouth ulcer.  They also will drink plenty of hydrogen water for better and faster recovery.

Eugene: I did go through chemotherapy.  I will gargle my mouth and sore throat with ozone water in order to soothing the discomfort of my sore throat and the blister. I also make sure I drank 2 litres of high hydrogen concentration water daily to flush all the chemo residues from my body. It does helps me healing and recovery faster.

Jurina:  I am having pigmentation issue after I gave birth to two kids.  This issue has been with me for 10 years, and there is no way for me to get rid of them.  Recently there is a friend of mine who never met me for 5 years informed that my pigmentation is getting lighter! My migrant issue has been reducing too.  I believe that drinking hydrogen water does helps me to improve these issues.  I am so happy to hear the result!

Household Application

The health of my family has always been the thing i care the most.

Drinking hydrogen-rich water keeps my husband who is busy at work stays healthy and physically fit. In addition, i used ozone water to clean vegetables, fruits and fresh fish, and also clean floor toilets every day. The sterilization and deodorization effect is really good.

As a mother, I am happy to let my family members eat healthy and safety. It is a very good product. I would like to highly recommend it.

University Professor

Because of the work pressure, both of my eyes often feel sour pain, and unknown cause of headache.

I know the importance of drinking water, therefore since I started using Biosure products, I drink [hydrogen-rich water] every day and inhale [hydrogen] for half an hour to one hour.
Recently, I have found that my eyes are getting better, and there are few secretions in the corners of my eyes.

And as I shared this, I also realized that I have had no symptoms of headache for a while.

Elderly Seniors
Breast lumps

I was confirmed to have stage III breast cancer, and my doctor strongly recommended me to have surgery+radiotherapy+ target treatment. After discussing with my family, I decided to take a rest for half a year.

During this period, my son sent me a hydrogen-oxygen water generator, replaced the drinking water with [hydrogen-rich water], and schedule myself to inhale [hydrogen] for an hour while watching the drama series every night before i went to bed.
After a few months, i went for another check and it turns out there was no breast lump.

At first, I have no fear of ending my life, but my mood and physical strength are strongly affected by my health condition.
Now i was recovered from that, I am really appreciate about everything.

Sleep Quality

Six years ago, due to endometriosis, I had six major operations, I was exhausted and I couldn’t sleep well every night. Besides Western medicine surgery, I also tried Chinese Treatment to regulate my body, using a variety of health products,
but everything remain unchanged.

After i start using the Biolux Hydrogen Fountain, i can fall asleep directly, and wake up feeling fresh on the next morning.

So I went online browsing and find out that the original hydrogen molecules can neutralize free radicals and regulate our autonomic nerves.

I feel very thankful to my cousin for his introduction and i have faith that my body will be getting better and better.

Water Purification Expert
Oral Cavity

With my sales experience in purifying water purifiers, this [hydrogen oxygen generator] have showed its magical effect of modern technology, which is rare in history.

Due to long-term toothache, I tried to brush my teeth with [ozone water] to remove anaerobic bacteria. For more than a month, my toothache has been away from me.

I also drink [hydrogen-rich water] every day, and I really feel i was more lively than before.

My friend have asked me: What nutritious foods have you been eating recently? you are looking much better than before!

B&B Operator

I am unfortunately suffering from breast cancer infected with lymph, the pain of chemotherapy is unspeakable.

One day my friend brought a large bottle of hydrogen-rich water and suggested me to drink it. On the next day, I didn’t expect that the swelling and pain of the gums that had been plagued for two months disappeared.

After returned to the clinic, I consulted my physician regarding my situation. He also agreed that drinking [rich hydrogen water] is really helpful.

So I would like to recommend all the cancer patients especially those after chemotherapy to use [hydrogen oxygen generator], let more people know about the good of it, and make your own life healthy and happy!

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BiOLUX Asia is the only brand that carries a 3-IN-ONE Ozone and Hydrogen generator machine in Malaysia. We are one of the few international companies with our own state-of-the-art-manufacturing facility. All components are strictly tested in order to ensure their quality, high performance, safety, and reliability, to deliver health benefits to our users

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