Professional Ozone Application
28%wt of high purity ozone generation is the basic for high efficiency.
It's not affected by air quality and stably produce high concentration of
Ozone gas & Ozonated water.
Cover the professional fields of food safety & hygiene,
commercial laundry, water treatment, etc.
Health Care with Innovative Technology
Innovative health technology appliances hydrogen-rich water,
hydrogen gas, ozonated water adapted applications For a healthier lifestyle.
Design & Manufacturing
More advanced and more durable technology than traditional.
The most optimum solution to generate ozone and hydrogen gas,
including system integration, engineering, products and application.

Electrolytic Ozone & Hydrogen Expert

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Food Safety & Sanitation

Our patented electrolytic ozone generation process simply uses water as an input, making our systems safe, reliable, and efficient. We meet the HACCP requirement standard in catering & food processing industry.

Healthy & Hygienic Environment

Pathogens can be found anywhere. BioSure Professional products are able to meet professional hygiene requirements
in many medical and health facilities...

Clean & Pure Water

Ozone usage in the water treatment industry has more than a century of application history...

Sanitation & Wellness

Biolux provides a full range of products, combination of advanced health science and
the demands for healthy living...

Design & Manufacturing

With three decades of experience in R&D, broad product application knowledge, complete supply chain and a well-managed quality control team, this has shaped our overall competitive strength
in design & manufacturing...

All Products

As a certified manufacturer with ISO9001, we are continuously monitoring our entire business operation, ensuring that we produce quality products with high efficiency and productivity...

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Design & Manufacturing

Health Home Appliance
in New Generation

Safety Approval & Total Quality Management

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