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Electrolytic OZONE Generator

Our Electrolytic OZONE Generator (E.O.G) is capable of producing high purity OZONE from water effectively and efficiently, and completely independent to air quality and humidity.

The only by-products are water and hydrogen. This is the most advanced ozonation technology available today.

Innovative &
Patented Technology

Collaboration between


Key Advantages

High Purity OZONE Gas

No Harmful Nitrogen Oxide Gas

Highly Dissolved in Water

Aeration Meets OSHA Standards

High Durability


Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

Removes Bad Odours

Degrades 90% of Pesticides






How OZONE Sanitizes
Air and Surfaces?

BioLUX E.O.G Technology
Corona Discharge Method
Ultraviolet Light Method
Instant High Purity OZONE
Continuous High Purity OZONE
Consistent Output Under Different Conditions
No Nitrogen Oxides
High Penetration
Low Maintenance Frequency
Consumables Consumption
Instant High Purity OZONE
BioLUX E.O.G TechnologyCorona Discharge MethodUltraviolet Light Method
Continuous High Purity OZONE
BioLUX E.O.G TechnologyCorona Discharge MethodUltraviolet Light Method
Consistent Output Under Different Conditions
BioLUX E.O.G TechnologyCorona Discharge MethodUltraviolet Light Method
No Nitrogen Oxides
BioLUX E.O.G TechnologyCorona Discharge MethodUltraviolet Light Method
High Penetration
BioLUX E.O.G TechnologyCorona Discharge MethodUltraviolet Light Method
Low Maintenance Frequency
BioLUX E.O.G TechnologyCorona Discharge MethodUltraviolet Light Method
Consumables Consumption
BioLUX E.O.G TechnologyCorona Discharge MethodUltraviolet Light Method

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What is OZONE ?

OZONE (O₃) is a gas that is made up of three Oxygen atoms. It is natural and everywhere on earth.

When thunderstorms occur, the oxygen in the air will be electrolyzed into OZONE due to high voltage. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun will also decompose oxygen into OZONE molecules.

This is why after the thunderstorm we will smell the fresh grass incense, and in the outdoor clothes smell the sun on the clothes. These are actually the smell of OZONE.

As OZONE is strong in oxidation, it is widely used to kill bacteria and viruses, remove odour and degrade pesticides. It will revert back to oxygen after the reaction, leaving no chemical residue.

In the atmosphere, 90% of the OZONE exists in an area between 15 and 50 kilometers above the ground (also called the stratosphere).

This OZONE layer can absorb most of the ultraviolet (UV) in sunlight and prevent it from reaching the earth, so as to protect the creatures on the surface of the earth from ultraviolet rays. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of skin cancer, cataracts, and impaired immunity.

But near the ground, OZONE is a sign of photochemical pollution. Photochemical pollution refers to pollution caused by photochemical smog. The photochemical smog is mainly caused by automobile exhaust and industrial exhaust emissions.

Automobile exhaust and industrial exhaust gas contain nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs); OZONE is formed under the irradiation of sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

When photochemical smog pollution occurs, the concentration of OZONE in the atmosphere will increase. If the concentration of OZONE in the air is too high, it will cause inflammation to the upper respiratory tract, coughing, headache and irritation to the skin, eyes, and nasal mucosa.

However, OZONE will only be harmful when people are exposed to high concentration of OZONE in a closed environment for a long time. As OZONE is very active, it will quickly decompose into oxygen so OZONE concentration is unlikely to accumulate until a dangerous level in the natural environment.

As gas is difficult to control as its movement is largely random and difficult to control. By using water as a medium and dissolves OZONE gas in it, it becomes OZONE water. We can utilize OZONE more effectively and safely after being dissolved in water.

With our patented atomization spray dissolving technology and high purity OZONE output, OZONE can be quickly and consistently dissolved in water up to 400%.

OZONE can dissolve in water but some may be released into the atmosphere, and this release is called aeration.

According to U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), high OZONE level in the air can cause respiratory sensitivity and coughing. These are relieved when you leave for a well-ventilated place, and there is no risk of intoxication.

OZONE can trigger respiratory sensitivity when it reaches a certain degree.


According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) , the guidelines for OZONE in the workplace are

  • 0.2 ppm for no more than 2 hours exposure
  • 0.1 ppm for 8 hours per day exposure doing light work
  • 0.08 ppm for 8 hours per day exposure doing moderate work
  • 0.05 ppm for 8 hours per day exposure doing heavy work

BiOLUX satisfies United States and Japanese safety off-gas standards on OZONE use.

The mean level is less than 0.3ppm in 15 minutes of consecutive use.

The mean level is less than 0.1ppm in 8 hours of intermittent use.

You can feel at ease using BiOLUX.

OZONE is a natural disinfectant that leaves no chemical residue after killing bacteria and viruses. It is not harmful to humans.

Conventional technology generates OZONE from air, leading to the formation of harmful nitrogen oxides.

BiOLUX applies the state-of-the-art iEOG technology to generate OZONE from water, it is without harmful nitrogen oxides as by-products.

OZONE water is for external use only to disinfect and sanitize. It is not recommended for drinking as there is not much research papers proven on the health benefits when being consumed.

Genuine organic groceries may be free from pesticide residues, but cross contamination leading to bacterial dissemination can happen during packaging, transportation and/or storage.

This is a major concern for those consuming raw vegetables or the juice of organic vegetables and fruits.

Washing organic fruits and vegetables with BiOLUX OZONE water is still necessary as it can prolong the freshness by removing bacteria.

BiOLUX OZONE water is certified by U.K. Soil Association, it will leave no chemical residue on vegetables and fruits after rinsing with OZONE water which satisfies the requirement of organic vegetables and fruits.

The bacteriostatic effect of acidic water comes from the chemical reactions of acids on bacteria.

This can kill some bacteria but the molecules that result from such processes become residue on food materials and dining utensils, and may affect food texture.

BiOLUX’s OZONE water kills bacteria with OZONE’s oxidative activity, where OZONE is reduced to oxygen without residues. It is more effective than acidic water and 100% safe.

Alcohol is a good disinfectant depending on the concentration and type of alcohol.

However, they evaporate quickly therefore may not remain on the surface long enough to kill bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, alcohol based hand sanitizer can disturb the natural pH and barrier of the skin , leaving skin vulnerable to allergens which can penetrate beneath the surface and causes reddening, itching, blisters, swelling, peeling, and cracking.

OZONEe is safe and gentle to skin, it will not have problems as mentioned above.

Chlorine-based sanitizers (hypochlorite) are the most commonly used sanitizers which are chemical based.

OZONE is 3000 faster in oxidation and 50 times stronger oxidation performance compared to chlorine. It is also chemical free. 

Absolutely. OZONE water removes bacteria on skin and disintegrates the dead cells on stratum corneum to give you clean skin. It is safe and highly efficient.

Rubbing and washing hands with typical soap provides hand cleanliness and removal of certain bacteria. Five or more minutes of rinsing is required to achieve 90+% bacterial kill.

However, BiOLUX OZONE concentration is up to 4ppm. It can kill up to 99.99% bacteria and viruses in seconds.

OZONE water can be used for disinfection and sanitation without chemical residues.

It will definitely be a good partner for cleaning food materials.

When OZONE water is used for cooking, the reduction of OZONE to oxygen is accelerated with heat and does not cause safety concerns.

BiOLUX OZONE water does not alter water pH, nor does it turn water corrosive.

This water can be used for cleaning kitchen ware, baby goods and undergarments.

OZONE water is only aimed for disinfection and sanitation. Removing stain, and soil removal will still require suitable detergents.