How frequently should Biolux have its filter replaced?

Refer to the pre-filter manufacturer’s specification and recommendations on replacement (depending on usage, the filter typically replaced is once annually). The monitoring system of Biolux can monitor pre-filter condition and provide replacement notification in advance.

What is Biolux’s fully automatic internal sterilization?

Biolux is designed to automatically wash internal tubing with ozonated water to achieve internal tubing cleaning and disinfection. It is the only health-directed homeware ensuring internal tubing cleanliness.

How long is the warranty of Biolux?

“BHS” Biolux is provided with three years (36 months) of warranty, starting from the date recorded on the installation verification sheet, but not available for certain consumables.

What are the international certifications of Biolux?

The Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association (JHPA) |

Hydrogen water test report, Academy of Military Medical Sciences of Chinese Liberation Army | Sterilization and disinfection efficiency test report | Toxin- and harm-free certification |

CE Safe aeration certification |

Switzerland SGS electronic ware safety certification | Global SGS verification |

Drinking water verification, ISO13485 |

Medical device quality management system certification ISO9001 |

Quality management system certification, Malaysia SIRIM QAS |

Water quality certification, China CDC |

Disease prevention and control center application certification, U.K. CAMPDEN BRI |

Disinfection efficiency test, U.S. ATS LAB |

Sterilization time test, Germany TUV |

Disinfection efficiency test, U.K. The Soil Association | Organic vegetable washing certification

Can I purchase local hydrogen and bring it to another country to use?

The Biolux is aimed for international business and is designed to be operated at AC 100~240V, 50/60 Hz, suggesting that it can be used everywhere. Please note that the distributor of different regions can vary and may affect your rights of warranty and maintenance.

Extra service fees may apply. We recommend that you to purchase from local distributors unless unavailable.。

How often can Biolux be turned off? What are the problems from frequent turn-offs?

Biolux is a health-directed homeware requiring constant water and electricity supply to maintain optimal operation.
It is like the fridge that you need 24/7 for refrigeration and consumes as much electricity as a light bulb, which means you do not really need to worry about the extra electricity fee arising from running Biolux all day and unplug every day. Cutting off electricity 72 times in a year can lead to unexpected performance reduction of iEOG module, and the limited warranty for generator may become void.

Are there consumables requiring replacement other than the filter?

Other consumables requires replacement at the major maintenance done once every 3 years and include:

1. reverse osmosis filter,
2. deionizing resin filter can,
3. iEOG generator,
4. Ozone reduction catridge,
5. Cooling fan

Why does Biolux require constant water and electricity supply? Will this lead to significant electricity charge?

We recommend keeping the water and electricity supply to Biolux at all time to maintain system performance and durability.

Biolux has very low electricity consumption at standby or during use, similar to a light bulb: 60W during use and 30W when standby.

iEOG is the core technology of this product and relies on stable electricity and water supply, that is, intended interruption of electricity and water supply should be avoided. Frequent interruption of water and electricity supply during operation can lead to unexpected performance reduction of iEOG module, and this is out of the range of limited warranty of this product.

Water supply interruption during use or at standby is interpreted by the system as water supply breakdown, activating self-protection mechanism that cutting off the electricity supply to iEOG module.

Many says that the human body is acidic, does drinking water really balance off the acidity?

When you look up the mineral water products, you may find “electrolyzed water,” “ionic water,” or “alkaline water.” More and more manufacturers are offering such products and pinpoint the advantage of such alkaline ionic water in addressing “acidic” body environment. Well, do you really believe them? Does that “alkaline water” really address your body environment by costing 25% more than typical bottled water? How does alkaline water endure the gastric acid? In fact, “electrolyzed water,” “ionic water,” or “alkaline water” has no positive effect on your body environment and health! To date, scientists are still unable to find evidence for the “acidic/basic body environment.” This was discussed in detail in The Myths and Truth about Acidic and Basic Foods, an article on PanSci dated June 2, 2013. It was concluded that maintaining body environment of a weak alkaline state is beneficial for health, but the “acidic food” or “alkaline food” does not affect blood or body pH. From this point, we can find that your body environment is not affected even after consuming as much as alkaline water as your body needs as your body works to maintain homeostasis. According to Professor C.C. Wu, Department of Chemistry, Taiwan Normal University, the pH of gastric acid is approximately 2, which will definitely make the alkaline water consumed no longer alkaline. Also, taking anything of pH >10 will lead to burns. According to Dr. J.L. Lin, a renowned nephrologist and toxicologist, human body has a delicate mechanism to maintain blood pH at 7.35~7.45, which is slightly basic. Only patients in shock, sepsis or acidosis have blood pH of less than 7. According to Dr. Lin, human kidneys take most of the work in maintaining internal homeostasis, lungs exhale out carbon dioxide, and bone releases calcium to maintain pH homeostasis. The intake of strong acids or bases will cause tremendous burden on kidneys, and the corrosive nature of such substances will lead to major digestive bleeding. Also the professor of the Department of Nephrology, Chang Gung University, Dr. Lin addressed that those with poor kidney function, especially uremia patients, may suffer from limb jerks and numbness, difficulty breathing, or electrolyte imbalance due to reduced potassium level. The “healthy alkaline water” is simply a hoax. Reference: Liberty Times 2006-08-16

I know the electrolytic tank coating of an alkaline ionic water machine wears out over time. So will Biolux?

Biolux is not an alkaline ionic water machine as it adapts a different technology from the electrolysis tank of such machine. It is free from the risk of electrode shedding or metal leaching. Biolux applies a technology that provides pure hydrogen similar to those manufactured with laboratory-grade hydrogen generator. Comparison of Biolux and typical alkaline ionic water machine: Biolux is different from such machine in terms of function, design, and technology. Biolux provides hydrogen water that promotes health and ozonated water that does not leave chemical residues after sterilization. The electrolyte water machine is a device primarily used to alter water pH. In terms of technology, Biolux harnesses patented indirect membrane electrode ozone generator, in which tap water is not directly electrolyzed but purified via reverse osmosis and deionizing resin before electrolyzing this “purified water” with low-voltage DC electricity and solid membrane electrode. This causes water to lose electron on the specially designed anode interface, while oxygen gains energy under high current and forms ozone. With the aid of selective proton exchange technology, the separation and storage of hydrogen and ozone molecules are also done during the electrolysis process. When needed, hydrogen is directly supplied or efficiently mixed through spraying. The water with dissolved gas is delivered as hydrogen water or ozonated water. Typical alkaline ionic water machine introduces tap water into the electrolysis, where DC voltage is applied using ionic membrane as the medium. The polarity causes minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium to gather at cathode, and the increase of hydroxide (OH-) level generates alkaline water. Meanwhile, oxygen, sulfuric acid, and sulfur approach anode, increasing hydrogen ion (H+) level and forming acidic water. During operation, the electrolysis tank can fail due to mineral deposit, or is affected by acids and bases that can lead to the disintegration of metal coating and health concerns from heavy metal leaching.

Why most alkaline ionic water machine require routine washing with citric acid, but some do not need this cleaning?

Typical alkaline ionic water machine breaks down tap water and minerals tend to concentrate at the alkaline zone and deposit in the electrolytic tank and tubing/valve, which can affect product efficiency. To address this problem, many alkaline ionic water machines require citric acid washing. Only a few products recycle the acidic water for washing.

About antioxidants

Modern medicine and scientists recommend the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits as the most natural way to access antioxidants. Vitamin C is a good antioxidant, but one should not take too much artificial vitamin C, i.e. not exceeding 4.5g a day as recommended by U.S. FDA.

Why not every antioxidant is as effective in repairing the cells damaged by harmful free radicals? The key is the size of antioxidant molecule: large antioxidant molecules cannot pass through plasma cell membrane, making them unable to reach the damaged cellular structure and DNA.

Hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule known to date, about the size 1/10,000 of mitochondria. This allows hydrogen molecule to rapidly reach every organ and cell, neutralize the harmful free radicals by water formation and elimination.