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Water Sanitation System (WSS120)
Water Sanitation System (WSS120)
Water Sanitation System (WSS120)
Water Sanitation System (WSS120)
Water Sanitation System (WSS120)
Water Sanitation System (WSS120)

Water Sanitation System (WSS120)


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Water Sanitation System (WSS120) converts tap water into OZONE water instantly, providing endless supply of chemical free disinfectant to keep you protected.

Functions of BiOLUX OZONE water:

- Kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses

- Degrades >90% pesticides in 1 minute

- Removes odours

Terminal Applications

Direct application of high concentration OZONE water

1. Kitchen

- Degrades pesticides
- Sanitizes and preserves food ingredients
- Sanitizes kitchen table surface, tools and utensils
- Removes kitchen odour

2. Bathroom and Toilet

- Removes odour and growth of mould
- Reduces water splash infection while flushing
- Avoids infection in between pipelines
- Use as mouthwash: reduce oral bacteria and maintain fresh breath
- Sanitizes personal hygiene products like toothbrush

3. Washing Machine

- Kills bacteria, mold, yeasts and viruses
- Removes odour of the clothes
- Avoids secondary pollution caused by growth of mould in the washing machine tank
- Reduces the accumulation of dirt in the washing tank

Water Sanitation System (WSS120) requires installation. Our team will contact you for installation arrangement after you have made payment.

WSS120 can be installed:

- Kitchen Faucet

- Dishwasher

- Washing machine water inlet

- Toilet (basin and toilet bowl)

Water purification equipment can only remove chlorine, sediment impurities, heavy metals in the water, etc., and it cannot kill pathogenic bacteria in the water. The waterway pipeline continues to breed bacteria and accumulate into biofilms.

Long-term use may lead to clogged water pipes and the risk of bacterial infection. Therefore, users who have installed water purification equipment at home advisable to install WSS120.

Yes, it is safe to directly consume/cook after washed with WSS as there is no chemical use or harmful by-products (NOx gas) that will attach to your food.

Yes, you can. It will help you to disinfect, degrading pesticide and antibiotic, and remove seafood odour.

Yes, you can use our OZONATED water from WSS120 to clean your cuts and wound. This will shorten the healing period as the bacteria and viruses around cuts or wound area has been disinfect.

It also has been proven by Dentistry in US; they use our OZONATED Water for their patients to gargle after treating them.

Not recommended, as WSS120 do not install a pre-filter system. OZONATED water generated from WSS120 is for external use to purified your food ingredients, to disinfect any material surface and for personal hygiene include mouth gargle, wound cleaning, face cleaning.

If you accidentally drink the OZONATED water produced by WSS120, don’t worry, it will not affect your body.

OZONATED Water produced by WSS120 can effectively inhibit the mould growth and attachment in your washing machine. Plus, it will prolong the service life of the washing machines.

OZONATED water that is generated by WSS120 is chemical-free, it will not damage the clothes or even giving any side effects on cloth quality at all. Is even better that our clothes can wash with OZONATED water.

OZONATED Water helps to open the cloth fibres of the cloth during washing, so that it can effectively improve the detergent effects and reduce the amount of usage, it cannot completely replace detergent.

OZONATED water concentration is about 1ppm (it depends on water temperature/flow rate/TDS rate).

The pH value and flow rate in the water does not change.

As the red light slowly blinking on the WSS120, it indicates the OZONATED generator replacement is due.

BiOLUX OFP is design specifically to soak utensils, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, and seafood, but BiOLUX WSS120 is design to disinfect and remove odours for any objects, food or surfaces through running water. 

Installation is required for WSS120 and it will be installed by BiOLUX’s appointed technician. 

No, not necessary but you may install pre-filter before WSS120 to protect and reduce your WSS120 from scaling. Pre-filter install is based on personal needs and special requirements. 

No, just install it directly on the kitchen sewer line.

Our WSS120 is not built specifically for that purpose because once it is dispensed out from the pipeline, there will be no more OZONATED water as it already serves to disinfect algae and bacteria in the pipeline.

To install at centralize pipeline, is to serve the purpose of cleaning the water pipeline.

It does require maintenance service. Every 2-3 years (500 of generating hours) it is required to change the OZONATED generator to have a better performance of OZONATED’s concentration. After change of the OZONATED generator, you may continue to use the device. 

1 year limited warranty

25 H2point